More Like You

by Jonathan Timm

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released June 21, 2013


all rights reserved


Track Name: More Like You
Some days I wake up thinking
About what a bad man can do
The power he has over those who love him
And who trust he'll never choose
To leave them or to hurt them
Or to go behind their backs
To take their words and lay them out on the wrong side of the tracks

And it sure sounds a lot like me
And then there's you

Many they have told me
How they felt your welcome and your cheer
The light you brought into the room
Cars, guns, and whiskey over beer
Your good friends, they revere you
And acquaintances alike
Since you left us here in the new year
I've been up every single night

Thinking you never knew
Someone like me
Wants to be more like you

And I'll never understand
How the purest of men
Never seem to catch the break that they deserve
Meanwhile those of us with darkness in our sight
Still walk the earth in lieu of lesser threat

I will still look for you
At the jumbles and the dives
In the basements and the barrooms
Or at your brother's side
And when I do not find you
I'll remember through and through
That once there lived a good man who was taken far too soon

And I would have liked
To say goodbye
But this will have to do

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